Windsor, CT

Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding in Windsor, CT

Complete Floor Refinishing

Dustless Hardwood Floors LLC are the hardwood flooring contractors that proudly serve Windsor, CT and the surrounding areas with reliable hardwood flooring service. We offer a range of hardwood flooring services that include:
  • Dustless wood floor installation and refinishing
  • Dustless hardwood floor sanding
  • Hardwood floor installation and refinishing
We have the added value service that makes us stand out from our competitors. We have been providing floor sanding service in Connecticut for a combined 20 years! We know what our clients expect from our services and we deliver every single time.

Our Added Value 

Our reputation speaks for itself. We have worked hard to build a positive reputation among property owners by providing honest up-front quotes for work, using high-quality materials that are safe for the home and completing the job as promised. While all those qualities make a sought-after hardwood floor contractor, it is our special process that really has people buzzing. We offer a dustless method of floor refinishing!
Newly refinished hardwood floor

The Dustless Method

Anyone that has had hardwood floors refinished knows that there is a lot to deal with. Dust and wood particles get everywhere. Everything must be covered in the home and even with covers, the dust still piles up. The remains of the floor refinishing can be evident for weeks after the floors are done. But not with our method. We use a dustless method to refinish your floors or to install new floors. That means that your home is protected. There are no long clean ups after the floor is done. We also use low VOC materials to reduce chemical exposure in the home as well. We do floor better! Contact us for a free consultation today!
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