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Dustless Hardwood Floors: Your Leading Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Andover, CT

Dustless Hardwood Floors is your hardwood flooring contractors in Andover CT and surrounding areas. We are the hardwood floor contractor that provides dustless wood floor sanding & refinishing services! We use state of the art equipment to refinish your hardwood floors. 

What is Dustless Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing 

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home, but many home owners are hesitant to take the plunge and have them refinish because of the mess. Sanding hardwood floors using traditional methods will leave a fine coating of dust on everything in your home. Many homeowners would love to hire a contractor to refinish a hardwood floor in their home, but that mess really puts the brakes on things. Dustless hardwood floor sanding by Dustless Hardwood Floors is the easy solution. Our floor sanding service will leave your home in pristine condition like we were never there! Here is how we manage the mess:
  • Use specialty equipment that contains the debris 
  • Use specialized techniques to get great results without the mess
  • We use a process that gives you great results without the headaches

For the Health of Your Home 

Our process ensures that your home stays healthy! If you have allergy sufferers in the home or family members that suffer from asthma, this can be the best option to protect them from dust triggers. We offer a completely safe option to get the floors you want without the health concern. You can have beautiful hardwood floors without having to deal with the mess with Dustless Hardwood Floors as your flooring contractor! Contact us today to learn more about the process or to get a free estimate! 
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Newly refinished hardwood floor
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