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Dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is available in West Hartford, CT.  We will give you a finish that you will love. As a hardwood floor contractor with over 20 years of experience we understand how important it is to you and your family not having to deal with the mess after refinishing hardwood flooring. We use state-of-the-art equipment that removes dust and debris as we work. Our floor sanding service does not require you to cover any furnishings in the home because it is that clean. Our dustless sanding system allows us to provide you with great results and none of the typical mess. 

Healthier Services 

Our dustless wood floor sanding & refinishing provides excellent services that are healthier for you, your home and your family. Traditional hardwood flooring service:
  • Leaves a thin film of dust everywhere 
  • Contaminates the air 
  • Can leave long-lasting allergens behind 
Studies have indicated that traditional methods of hardwood sanding and refinishing are not the healthiest option for your indoor air. We use low VOC products and a dustless method to ensure the health of your home and the people in it. You never have to worry about fumes or dust particle pollution. 

You Can! 

You do not have to live with old floors, you have the choice to have them refinished to like-new condition without fear of the mess and the stress. At Dustless Hardwood Floors, LLC we have the safe clean solutions that will get your floors in pristine condition. Take advantage and get your floors in top condition, it will change the feel of your whole house! Contact us today to learn more about the process and ask for a free no-obligation consultation.
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